How To Create Full, Fluffy, Thick Textured Brows

Fluffy, textured brows are all the rage nowadays and are a major beauty trend. I’ve personally always loved the look of brows that look natural and full, with the hairs moving all over the place and each one looking perfectly soft and defined. Fluffy, textured brows can take some work, and so can filling them in bit by bit, but there is an easy way. All you need is a tinted 

It’s an easy technique that anyone can master, but you’re going to want to make sure your face is free of any makeup as it can get a little messy! Keep some makeup remover handy to clean up afterwards and if you like you can go in with a little concealer to really polish the brows off. Makeup wise I like to keep the rest of the face pretty neutral with just a little mascara, a hint of concealer and a bright coral lip.  Keep reading to see the picture tutorial! 

          Fluffy Textured Eye Brows

Step 1. Start with clean, dry brows and brush them up using a clean, dry spoolie. It is also a good idea to start with clean skin and no makeup. 

Step 2. Take your brow gel and brush the wand through the brows, pushing up the hairs as you go along.

Step 3. Start laying on the product quite thick, and make sure that you also define the tail/end of the brow.

Step 4. Allow the brow gel to dry, the brows should be dry to touch and you shouldn’t receive any residue on your fingertips.

Step 5. Soften the product and remove any cakiness by wiggling through the brows using the same spoolie from the beginning, don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive.

Step 6. As you can see the brows now have more texture and fullness, creating a similar effect that a brow powder would.

Step 7. Now it’s time for another coat! Go back in with the brow gel and start applying it through the hairs.

Step 8. Using the tip of the applicator really lay the product on to create thickness, you should be able to see the gel more than you can see the hair. 

Step 9. Again, once the brow gel has dried completely, It’s time to brush it out! Go back in with your spoolie and brush through the brows to diffuse the product.

Step 10. Clean up the edges of the brows and any fallout with some makeup remover

Step 11. If you desire, you can fill in the tail of your brows with a pencil or any areas that are overly sparse (optional!)

Step 12. Although the brows will already have a decent amount of hold you may like to set them into place with a clear brow gel.