Healthy Living Tips For Women of All Ages


It is hard to be a woman as you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse. It is as clear as day that woman is facing unfair treatment all over the world. Although according to the laws and policies of the world she has been given equal rights, unfortunately, there is a lack of pragmatic approach. Everywhere in the society women are not treated equally. Life of a woman is not a bed of roses as there is a number of responsibilities that she has to fulfill as a daughter, as a mother, as a sister, as a wife and as a working lady during her job. As a result of the hectic work and behaviour of the society, the health of a woman is badly affected. But besides this they focus on their health they are trying to do more and more work and while doing this effort they, unfortunately, ruin their health as they do not know the importance of the health.

Good health is a blessing and is the greatest wealth. Most of the people do not consider its importance and role only because they are ignorant. It is important to know what health is. Health is the functional efficiency of a living body or it is the general state of mind and body of a person in which he/she is free from illness, pain or injury. Every person wants to be successful in life but they forget that for success health is very crucial. And with a good health, we can enjoy our success more effectively. Most of the people become careless in order to gain some sort of financial benefits while playing with their health and when they get money, unfortunately, they have to spend that money to regain their health.

Feminists are more likely to highlight the health issues of women as it is not hidden that how women are being treated in the developing countries of the world. The world health organization which is known for the social determinant of health highlighted the women’s health issue. Women are facing different types of health problems which are causing diseases like depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite, breast cancer and much more. This fact points to the great need for taking the measurements for women’s health. For this reason, here we are going to present some of the health tips for women.
Exercise: women should do exercises at home to keep them fit and away from depression. Exercise should be according to their fitness goal and equipment available at home. For this purpose yoga, meditation and massage are best exercises. Exercise helps to prevent diseases, increase and improve stamina, control weight and strengthen the muscles. Exercise should be done regularly.
Food: Health requires healthy and nutritious food. Use a healthier balanced variety of food which is beneficial for health and nourishes the body. Have a diet which includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and water. Do not eat junk food too much. Include plants in your diet.
Lifestyle: Love yourself enough to live a healthier lifestyle. Set your lifestyle along with all the necessary ingredients which help you in healthy living. Your dressing should be according to weather. Footwear should be comfortable. Depression can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior and feelings so healthy lifestyle promotes the highest potential for well-being and to improve the depressed mood.

Rest: After doing a lot of work human body needs some rest. Rest plays very important role in human health. It is important for healthy brain and other body functions. Studies show that sleeping at night cause improving mental and physical ability. Sleep maintains the balance of hormones and also repairs heart and blood vessels.

I hope these healthy lifestyle tips for women will help you to live a simple but healthy life. If you want to share your experiences about women health with others then please do give us your feedback in the form of comments. Your tested tips will help other women to live healthy and tension free life.

Caffeine-free teas for morning energy

Caffeine-free teas can be as tasty and effective as coffee, honest, our writer Giulia Mele (an Italian caffeine addict) discovered after testing out the 10 best caffeine-free teas for morning energy

The scent of coffee is a delightful ritual of my mornings that cheers me up even in those wintery blue London days, and by the way it’s THE thing that can wake me up.  I’m Italian you see and I drink single espresso without sugar, bring a mocha wherever I go, and I have never considered the idea of living without caffeine. What a test this was!

Why caffeine free?

  • Caffeine-free and herbal teas keep you hydrated, which helps your body and mind function on a higher level, boosting your performance and concentration at work


  • Decaffeinated tea allows to reduce some of the potential problems associated with caffeine, especially risks of cardiovascular disease, like stroke
  • Both decaffeinated and regular teas are rich in natural phytonutrients called flavonoids, powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits
  • Consumption of this tea results in good digestion, keeping your stomach healthy and giving you softer skin
  • Tea and especially coffee contain high levels of caffeine that can contribute to some negative effects such as insomnia.
  • Modulating coffee intake helps minimise symptoms of having had too much such as jitters, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and adrenal fatigue
  • Herbal teas can be found in so many variations and flavors and most of them contain traces of nutrients that support overall health.


So it happened, I had two tough weeks, crossing my fingers every morning and wondering if the tea of the day would work, and I had lots of fun tasting such a huge variety to find the ones I loved.

At the end of the two weeks I made it, sans caffeine. Here they are the 10 best caffeine-free teas for morning energy, you you want to skip the caffeine (or have less)

Mountain Pose Yoga Workout


The mountain pose is one of the foundational asanas in yoga. An asana is a Sanskrit term for posture.

You’ll see it as a warm-up pose and part of a Sun Salutation Series or Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit. It is a sequence of 12 poses or asanas that is traditionally done in the morning, facing the rising sun, explains author, Krishan Kumar Suman, in the 2006 book.

This pose is deceptively easy. You begin by standing tall with a straight spine.  Your big toes should touch. But if you find it difficult, you can keep your feet apart slightly.

Keep your arms at your side with your palms facing outward. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds, working your way up to a full minute.

The mountain pose will improve your posture and balance while strengthening the muscles in your lower body.