Sun Tanning Lotions, Oils Or Creams? Which Tanning Product Should I Choose?

Trying to decide which sun tanning products to use can be confusing. There are many products on the market such as suntan lotions, suntan oils and suntan creams. Too big headache for such a small decision?

So how do you know which one to choose? Read more about it.

The main difference between sun tanning oils, lotions and creams is the consistency of the product. There is an obvious difference in the texture of each and on how they feel on the skin. Suntan oils may feel more greasy than lotions or creams. Some people may like the way that the oil looks on their skin making it appear more supple and shiny, while other may not like the greasy feeling that it leaves behind.

The biggest question when choosing between suntan lotions, oils or creams is deciding what your purpose is in putting them on. Suntan oils are typically used for getting a deep dark tan and usually do not have much SPF protection in them. These types of products should only be used by people who have dark skin to begin with or who already have a nice tan base to build on. People with very fair or light skin will probably want to avoid using suntan oils. Suntan oils will typically include all natural ingredients such as coconut oil and sunflower and can smell very nice. The usually tend to stay on the surface of the skin for a longer period of time.

Suntan lotions and creams are more likely to soak into the skin and not leave a greasy appearance. These products may have higher SPF levels and are appropriate to be used by people with all types of skin. Those people who have lighter skin will want to purchase a suntan lotion or cream that has a higher SPF level until their skin is used to being out in the sun and they have a nice tan base.

Choosing between a suntan lotion oil or cream is really a matter of personal preference. All three products can help you to achieve a beautiful looking tan.