Winter Hair Care Tips According to Your Hair Type

It is not a new fact that your hair care approach should vary according to your hair type. The case is true during winter. You need to know your hair type in order to determine how it will react to the weather conditions of winter. Once you piece two and two together, you can take the guesswork out of the equation so you can keep your hair healthy and looking good throughout winter. To make it easy for you, here are winter hair care tips according to your hair type.

One of the most basic winter hair care tips for straight hair relates to heat styling. For winter, you need to adapt the mentality of “less is more” when styling your straight hair. Indoor heating during winter can contribute to making your straight hair drier than usual, which in turn makes it prone to static and flyaways. Therefore, it is important to reduce the use of heat styling tools in the winter so as not to damage your hair.

Pin-straight hair that has naturally oily roots also tend to become limper during winter months. This is due to the fact that oil from your roots can travel faster down the shaft than they would when the hair has some spirals or curls in it. Hence, you need to invest in the right products for your hair type. if your straight hair is naturally prone to developing flyaways, stay out of using heavy-duty conditioners. Switch to a regular conditioner and apply it only to the ends. Another alternative is to use a lightweight leave-in conditioning spray. Use it sparingly so as not to weigh your hair down.

If you have pin-straight hair that is limp too, you might be tempted to use a volumising shampoo. However, experts warn against doing this. They would recommend using damp rollers instead or braiding your hair if you want to give it body or volume. You can even use a volumising powder! But one of the most important winter hair care tips for straight hair is to never use too much products that could weigh it down, or use styling tools as it can get limper.