Castor Oil for Hair Growth & Other Benefits

Castor oil is used for everything from making food to pain relief, and the amazing thing is that the benefits don’t stop here. Castor oil can also be used to remedy a variety of hair problems that may occur due to age or poor health such as hair loss. There are even a few myths regarding this oil in that it causes women to grow a beard when applied to their face. We’ll get to the bottom of this myth, and cover some other important things that you should know about castor in this article.

Castor Oil for Increasing Hair Growth

Castor oil is an inexpensive solution for eyebrows that refuse to grow, lashes that are sparse, or hairlines that seem to be moving back each year. Some people will notice an improvement within weeks, but it can take up to 2 months for others to see hair growth.

Castor oil is also good to use for eyebrows that are too light;
just apply the oil to your eyebrows with a disposable mascara wand each night before retiring to bed, and you’ll notice thicker and darker eyebrows in a few months. Another tip is to use an angled eyeliner makeup brush to apply the oil to your lash line for an improvement in both length and growth of lashes.

It’s unfortunate for those who were born with too few eyebrow hairs since the probability of growing hair that was never there before is low. But castor oil will still darken the hair, and encourage growth if you’ve over tweezed the area. It should also be mentioned that laser hair removal will be reversed if castor is applied to the area of the removal.

This oil is also used to promote hair re-growth after an injury that caused the hair to be removed like burns or deep cuts. If you’ve had surgery on an area that should normally be full of hair, then, once you’re able to do so, apply castor oil each night before bed to encourage speedy re-growth of your hair.

If you’ve noticed your strands being slightly thinner than they were before, it’s best to begin using castor oil to stop any more hair loss, and to encourage your hair follicles to regenerate more locks.

Other Castor Oil Benefits

To keep the gunk from building up and clogging your hair’s ability to grow, use castor oil on your scalp a few times a week and your problems will be solved! You’ll also have a healthier glow about your locks that makes styling more manageable. Castor oil makes a great scalp treatment, but adding coconut oil to the mix will greatly enhance your hair’s health as well. Both oils are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, which keeps the scalp clean and hydrated. This inevitably gives your hair the chance to shine and grow – and with the coconut oil coating your strands – it reduces the amount of breakage you see due to everyday styling.

Men who notice their hair becoming thinner more quickly than they’d prefer can use castor oil to reduce hair loss, and encourage the strands they’ve lost to grow back. Use castor each night before bed by giving your scalp a good rubdown with the oil. It will cause some mess on your pillow case, so be sure to wear a shower cap or be okay with the oil stain on your pillow. Also be ready for more hair trims because the results can happen in as fast as a month when you’re applying the oil regularly.